Miyabi’s intricate knife-making method incorporates time-honored techniques, premium steels and innovative hardening processes. Each blade touches the hands of skilled artisans, ensuring a beauty and quality like no other. Honbazuke, Japanese for “true cutting edge,” is the three-step honing process that gives Japanese blades their exceptional sharpness. Each step of this traditional technique is done by hand. Blades are coarsely ground with a vertically rotating whetstone, fine-honed with a horizontal rotating whetstone, then polished using a leather belt. 

Combined with a traditional, Japanese 9.5° to 12° edge angle, Honbazuke makes Miyabi knives remarkably sharp. SG2 (MC63) STEEL Miyabi Birchwood and Artisan Microcarbide powder steel with the hardness of 63 Rockwell. SG2 is synonymous with Japanese sharpness. Evenly-spread carbides give SG2 its scalpel-like precision and impressive cutting edge retention. Unsurpassed sharpness for the ultimate Japanese knife..


Miyabi knives are crafted with a meticulous process that includes time-honored techniques and premium steels like SG2 (MC63) steel, renowned for its sharpness and edge retention. The Honbazuke method, involving a three-step honing process done by skilled artisans, further enhances their sharpness, resulting in blades with a cutting edge angle of 9.5° to 12°. This combination ensures Miyabi knives are exceptionally sharp and maintain their edge for precise cutting.