Our Story

Knives for Chefs is the one stop shop for the professional chef and enthusiastic amateur to obtain all the essential cutting equipment needed for the kitchen. We can supply you with the best quality knives at the right price.

In the past decade the knife industry has moved so quickly that knives that are being manufactured now form the vanguard of a new generation where Japanese knives are being forged from German steel and vice versa. We spoke to the men and women who forge these knives and we have seen them being made, so we are aware of the craftsmanship and care taken in forging each individual knife.

Our company is run by chefs who work in the industry every day. So every new knife is tried and tested in the kitchens and given a rugged test as it is put through its paces.

So when you are thinking about ordering your new knives, contact us and we will find the right knife for you from our extensive range  Once you have received your knives we would appreciate your feedback about our quality of goods and service. We consider this is as the most important aspect of our business – keeping our customers satisfied.

Happy cooking!

If there is anything specific that you are looking for you can contact us at info@knivesforchefs.co.uk

Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

If you have chosen to invest in a knife from Knives for chefs, it would be crazy not to keep it super sharp. Having said that, knife sharpening is quite a skill. Some people prefer to leave it to the professionals.

James Adams offers you a full sharpening and repair service from his workshop in central London. He has sharpened, repaired and restored well over 1000 knives using Japanese whetstones. This method achieves the absolute best results possible, removing only the minimum steel necessary in each case. Working by hand like this also avoids producing heat, which can affect the properties of the steel. James finishes with a 6000 grit fine stone and then a leather strop, producing a ’better than new’ edge.