The Hatsukokoro series encompasses a wide range of knives, forged and crafted by some of the best knife makers in Japan. They work with a wide variety of artisans, from blacksmiths to knife sharpeners and handle makers. By working with folks who have mastered their craft, each aspect of the knife is carefully curated.

Techniques range from traditional hand-forging to modern roll-forging, with a broad spectrum of steels, both raw, reactive carbon steel and high-tech stainless steels. The maker and material are hand-selected to perfectly suit the intended line; be it an affordable knife for home cooks, or high-performance masterpieces for collectors.

Makers that contribute to the Hatsukokoro line come from all over Japan, a real fellowship of sorts. They include but are not limited to,Motokyuichi in Kyushu and Myojin Riki in Tosa