Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm (8.2") #Black, Ebony with Silver Ring

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The Kiritsuke is a great replacement for a gyuto/chef’s knife and has become very popular in the past few years as the drop tip tappers down to a very thin scalpel and is an aggressive work horse. They generally come in a few sizes ranging from 210mm to 240mm. Traditionally a kiritsuke is a single-beveled and combined with the rustic geometry, makes the kiritsuke look like an epic kitchen sword. This is used for slicing up large cuts of meat and fish it will give you a clean cut finish.

This Japanese steel is very fine-grained stainless steel and can have an edge sharpness and edge retention similar to some high-carbon steels. This steel is generally thought to be slightly easier to sharpen than VG-10 while also slightly more susceptible to rust due to the lower chromium content. Often, when Japanese chefs choose stainless steel over high-carbon steel types for their knives, they will choose Ginsan. Ginsan-Ko steel was developed by Hitachi Metals and is composed of about 1.05% carbon, 13% chromium, and 0.8% manganese, and has a hardness rating between 59 and 62 HRC. 

Weight: 211g

Handle Material: Black, Ebony with Silver Ring

Handle Length: 137mm (5.3")

Blade Length: 200mm (7.8")

Blade Depth: 41mm

Thickness at spine: 2.7mm

Thickness at tip: 0.4mm

Cutting Edge: Double 50/50

Blade Material: Siliver 3 with stainless steel cladding

Hardness (Rockwell scale): 62 - 63

Layers: 3