Gyutoh Knife 200mm (7.8") #34373-201

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The most essential knife for the kitchen which no chef can be without.

The gyutos meaning is “Cow sword” in Japan as gyu means “Beef” and to means “Sword” this is also known as a Chef’s knife or French knife. It is the one and first knife all chef’s/cooks needs in their kitchen. When buying your first gyuto you have to consider how and what will be built around your first knife as it will do the majority of the work in your kitchen.

Gyutos like chef’s knives go from 150mm up to 370mm which is massive, when starting out go for something in the range of 180mm to 210mm depending on the size of your hands. Later you can go for a larger chef’s knife like a 260mm to 280mm which can be used for larger jobs like cabbages, large dicing and meat cuts like beef sirloins and fillets.

The 5000MCD Series by MIYABI embodies the beauty and sharpness of Japanese knives. The blade core is made from MC63 micro carbide powder steel and surrounded by 100 other steel layers, producing a Rockwell hardness rating of around 63 and supreme edge retention.

The blade is honed on both sides using the Honbazuke technique to create an ultra-sharp finish. Every blade is honed by hand at a razor-sharp angle of 9.5° to 12°. The traditional D-shaped handle made from masur birch makes for an evenly-balanced knife, making it easy for the user to stay in control and effortlessly cut up food. The elegant end cap adds the finishing touch to the handle design.

Weight: 170g

Handle Material: Birchwood

Handle Length: 140mm (5.5")

Blade Length: 200mm (7.8")

Blade Depth: 47mm

Cutting Edge: 50/50

Blade Material: MicroCarbide Powder Steel MC63

Hardness (Rockwell scale): 62-64