Chef's knife 180mm (7") #BF-HB-70

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This is the most essential knife to have in any kitchen and is a must, it will be your most important purchase and will be the most used knife in your collection. Getting the right size and weight for your needs is important. The chef’s knife is versatile and used for most jobs in the kitchen, they tend to be slightly heavier in the blade than most Japanese knives and are thicker on the spin off the knife.

The curve of the chef’s knife is dictated by the rocking motion thats key to the western style of chopping - the point of the blade rarely leaves the board - but it’s noticeable that, as Japanese and Chinese knives have gained acceptance, Western chefs have begun to favour wider blades that enable a more ‘up and down’ chopping style

Molybdenum stainless steels are a general class of Japanese steels that have a higher content of molybdenum than standard stainless steel knives. While all stainless steel knives have 10.5% or more chromium, not all have molybdenum. Molybdenum increases the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, making its use in kitchen knives particularly useful.

The non-stick coated version of the Chef Series is specifically designed for slicing through sushi rolls effortlessly, even where rice tends to stick and gum up the blade. With its razor-sharp edge, it effortlessly cuts through tough nori (seaweed), while the non-stick surface allows for smooth gliding through the remainder of the cut without requiring constant wiping of the blade after each slice.

Weight: 132g

Handle Material: Pakkawood

Handle Length: 115mm (4.5")

Blade Length: 182mm (7.1")

Blade Depth: 41mm

Thickness at spine: 1.7mm

Thickness at tip: 0.6mm

Cutting Edge: 50/50

Blade Material: Molybdenum alloy stainless steel with black fluorine coating

Hardness (Rockwell scale): 58-60

Layers: 1