Bunka 170mm (6.6") #Letshandlethis

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The bunker is the ultimate bad ass as its a multipurpose knife that sits between the nakiri and a gyuto knife. The word “bunker” means “culture” its a very versatile knife and perfect if you want a slightly wide blade compared to the santoku. The blade’s rocking point is around the same place as a santoku but the big difference is the pointed tip. Its sharp scalpel point is perfect for cutting small shallots but has the belly too chop larger foods and so is the perfect addition to any collection.

Josh from lets handle this is a very experienced chef and when covid hit he decided to start making his own handles from his mums garage. The craftsmanship he creates is fun, good quality and great looking for any knife. Knives for chefs works closely with Josh and any opportunity we have to send Josh our handless knives we jump at the chance. Each handle is different and there is never one the same as the other, these are rare and we don’t always have them available and when there gone there gone till the next time.

Aogami, or Blue Steel #1, has the same carbon content as White Steel #1 — the difference is the addition of tungsten and chromium to the material. These additions add specific qualities to already high-quality steel. Aogami (Blue Steel #1) has about 1.3% carbon and 0.4% chromium added to the basic white paper. It has a practical hardness of 61 to 64 HRC. It’s high-grade Japanese steel that strengthens the heat treatment characteristics and wear resistance by adding chromium and tungsten to white steel. The sharpness lasts longer and cuts smoothly, so the cut is finished clean.

Weight: 148g

Handle material: @letshandlethis

Handle Length: 133mm (5.2")

Blade Length: 170mm (6.6")

Blade Depth: 44m

Thickness at Spine: 2.6mm

Thickness at Tip: 0.3mm

Cutting Edge: Double 50/50

Blade Material: Blue #1 Soft Iron Cladding 

Hardness (Rockwell scale): 61 - 62

Layers: 33