Boning Knife 110mm (4.3") #743

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Chef’s rarely work from whole carcasses most meat will arrive from the supplier already broken down into smaller cuts. So most boning knives are shorter as its needed for work bones from joints and most birds beings separated for cooking. The chef’s boning knife will be expected to work down the thighbone of a lamb leg without much collateral damage to the meat, and have enough stiffness in the blade to enable tough tendons to be cut with the extreme tip. Yet the blade that can ‘tunnel bone’ a lamb leg will also serve to remove the oysters from a chicken carcass or shape up a standing rib roast.

The Misono UX10 knife blade is made of Swedish stain resistant steel and has a hardness Rockwell 59-60. It has a 70/30 bevelled edge to the blade and It also has hardness comparable to carbon steel the knives have a slanted nickel bolster that balances the weight of the blade and handle perfectly. If you are looking for a knife that is extremely sharp, spectacular in appearance and performance, consider the Misono UX10. Misono are very secretive about their knife making process and do not allow you anywhere near their process of knife making. We are obviously aware that the shaping, heat treatment, grinding, polishing and honing take place but there are other steps to the knife making process that we do not know about.

Weight: 158g

Handle Material: Black stamina wood/silver nickel bolster

Handle Length: 140mm (5.5")

Blade Length: 115mm (4.1")

Blade Depth: 20mm

Thickness at spine: 2.0mm

Thickness at tip: 0.8mm

Cutting Edge: Double 70/30

Blade Material: Swedish stainless steel

Hardness (Rockwell scale): 59 - 60