Yu Kurosaki is among the most prolific and highly awarded knifemakers in Japan. His remarkable talents in conjunction with centuries old techniques handed down to him through an apprenticeship under Hiroshi Kato have blended to produce some the most impressive knives made today.

Working out of Takefu Knife Village, he began his career 20 years ago in 2002. By his own admission, Mr. Kurosaki was not a naturally gifted blacksmith, in fact he contemplated abandoning the craft altogether. Fortunately for knife lovers, he persevered, and is presently regarded as among the best of his generation.

Yu Kurosaki uses both modern stainless steels (SG2/VG10) and more traditional carbon steels (Blue Super) to construct his blades. His signature tsuchime (hammered) finishes are some of the most recognizable made, and emulate storm rains, wind and lightning.

As a true testament to his ability, in 2019 he was awarded the "DentoKogeshi" certification, which represents the highest level of governmental recognition for the skill of a traditional craftsman in Japan.

Yu Kurosaki