Bunka Knife 165mm (6.4") #BD-08

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The Bunka is the ultimate bad ass as its a multipurpose knife that sits between a nakiri and a gyuto knife. The word “bunker” means “culture” its a very versatile knife and perfect if you want a slightly wide blade compared to the santoku. The blade’s rocking point is around the same place as a santoku but the big difference is the pointed tip. Its sharp scalpel point is perfect for cutting small shallots but has the belly too chop larger foods and so is the perfect addition to any collection.


Weight: 141g

Handle Material: Pakkawood with White Ring

Handle Length: 123mm (4.8")

Blade Length: 167mm (6.5")

Blade Depth: 47mm

Thickness at spine: 1.8mm

Thickness at tip: 0.4mm

Cutting Edge: 50/50

Blade Material: VG10

Hardness (Rockwell scale): 60-61