Deba Knife 165mm (6.4") #VG-0002

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Deba means “short fat tooth” in Japanese, and that’s the shape of this knife. It’s the first knife a sushi chef would use when preparing fish. It is used to fillet fish and take shellfish apart. Used properly, this ultra-sharp knife can do the heavy work: cutting heads off fish and even some poultry. Once you get the hang of using a deba for fish, you will probably never go back to your old flexible filleting knife.

These knives, and a considerable amount of skill on the chef’s part, are the reason sushi looks so good and why the fish is cleaned so perfectly. Done properly, the bones will be in one pile with almost no meat on them and the meat will be completely bone free, perfect fillets. Don’t let the shape and weight of a deba fool you; they are nimble and precise. Choose your deba’s length based on the fish size you’ll be butchering most often.

The Shun Pro Sho Series focuses exclusively on single-edged and thus traditionally Japanese blade shapes. Thanks to extremely high manufacturing standards and corrosion-resistant blade steels, this series is particularly suitable for continuous professional use.

The knife's elegant design combines classic Japanese design language with contemporary features in a sublime fashion. They’re blades embossed with an elaborate ornamental pattern, created using an innovative manufacturing process, form the knives' visual highlight. As in the Shun Classic Series, the elegantly shaped and functional black pakkawood handle stands in stark contrast to the blade's opulent patterns. The series received a Special Mention in the 2019 German Design Award.

The knife's blade is made of corrosion-resistant VG 10 steel with a hardness of 61 (±1) HRC. It’s cutting edge, honed to 45° on one side, ensures the extra sharpness required for extreme precision. The flat of the blade is hollow-ground to create a cushion of air between it and the material being cut. Combined with a wide and flat blade, this reduces friction to a minimum and guarantees perfect cutting results.

The handle, made of black pakkawood, appears very elegant and fits the hand perfectly. Its asymmetrical chestnut shape enables a secure and comfortable grip whilst cutting. The integrated tang provides stability and balance.

Handle Material: Pakkawood

Handle Length: 125mm (4.9")

Blade Length: 165mm (6.4")

Cutting Edge: Single Edge

Blade Material: VG10 Steel

Hardness (Rockwell scale): 61 - 62