Yanagi-Sashimi Knife 270mm (10.3") #F-1021

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A Yanagiba slips through food effortlessly and its incredible sharpness means you never struggle. The yanagiba is a gateway knife for people wanting to get into single bevels and learn some new tricks. When slicing meat or fish, this blade will naturally want to pull to the left on a right-handed knife. (the opposite is true for a lefty.) As the driver of the blade, you must take control and tell it where to go. That may sound tricky, but you will get the hang of it after a few slices. Still, it can take years to master this knife.

The Tojiro Aogami Damascus Series is the crown jewel in their knife range as its made with Aogami and the soft iron cladding has a damascus finish, this range is specifically designed for working with fish and some meats. They are weighted and heavy to keep edge retention as well as provide a knife for life that can be sharpened over and over again. They are a master piece and show the history of knife making that Tojiro has to offer.


Weight: 170g

Handle Material: "D" shape Oak Wood/Buffalo Horn Ferrule

Handle Length: 140mm (5.5")

Blade Length: 262mm (10.3")

Blade Depth: 34mm

Thickness at spine: 3.4mm

Thickness at tip: 0.3mm

Cutting Edge: Single Bevel

Blade Material: Aogami Steel Blue 2/Soft Iron Damascus Cladding

Hardness (Rockwell scale): 62 - 63