Santoku Knife 180mm (7")

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The Santoku is the most popular knife in the Japanese home and considered to be an all rounder in the kitchen. The meaning of Santoku is the “three virtues” in Japanese and is a reference to its multi purpose and versatility. It can be used to prepare fish, chicken and most fruits and vegetables but is too small for large food items like watermelons and bigger cuts of meat. The Santoku is great as an alternative if you have a larger chef’s knife as most Santokus come in at around 165mm to 180mm its easy to handle and has a snubbed nose to it.

Weight: 170g

Handle Length: 115mm

Blade Length: 180mm

Blade Depth: 47mm

Thickness at spine: 2.6mm

Thickness at tip: 0.4mm

Blade Material: VG5 steel